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American Access Systems Founder Don Allen invents a keypad and intercom system sharing the same enclosure for a friend, and American Access is born in Denver, Colorado.


American Access is incorporated, becoming American Access Systems, Inc (AAS).


AAS introduces the Advantage DKLP low-power keypad, one of the first low-power keypads on the market, with a current draw of less than 20 microamps, allowing for incredible versatility in solar applications.

AAS also launches the Advantage DKE economy keypad during this time, giving the customer a powerful keypad at an affordable price.


AAS launches the world’s first wireless telephone entry system, the PhoneAire, and the robust and reliable PhoneLink wired telephone entry system.


AAS is acquired and renamed Security Brands, Inc. (SBI). With the acquisition, the AAS name is retained and becomes the premium brand of access control products. Two new brands, Summit Access Control and Kodiak Black, are added to round out the product offering.


SBI launches the Ascent X1 cellular telephone entry system and the revolutionary Summit Control cloud platform and mobile app, allowing gate control and access management from anywhere in the world.


SBI relocates from Colorado to the Dallas, Texas area. This year, SBI introduces the Ascent M Series, a complete line of cellular multi-tenant entry systems, and the Edge Family of smart keypads and card readers with mobile administrator app.


SBI introduces new product lines including Wireless 300 and SecurePass and begins developing the next iteration of Summit Control.


SBI releases Summit Control Sierra, the next version of its cloud platform, in June, which offers the whole-building access control solution our customers have been asking for.


SBI launches a completely redesigned cellular controller, which allows for automatic network selection via a smart SIM card, HD video calling, and QR-code quick access, among other features.

This innovation paves the way for the launches of a redesigned Ascent X1, Ascent K2, and Ascent C2, the new Ascent Switch cellular switch, the new Ascent C4 cellular door controller, the new Ascent R1 residential cellular telephone entry system, and the new cellular multi-tenant Ascent M3 and Ascent M8, both with a vibrant 8-inch touch screen and beautiful, new user interface.

At Security Brands, we make history!

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