Introducing ASCENT C1 —Cellular-Based Access Control System

Introducing ASCENT C1 —
Cellular-Based Access Control System

Ascent C1 is a cellular-based access control system providing control of up to two access points. It features three different methods of controlling its two relays: text and voice control from any cell phone and app control from any smartphone. Your phone is now your credential—no more sharing keypad codes or proximity cards. Ascent C1 […]

Introducing ASCENT X1 —Cellular-Based Access Control System

Introducing ASCENT X1 —
Cellular-Based Access Control System

Ascent X1 is the most versatile and convenient cellular-based access control system on the market. Use the keypad or call button on Ascent X1 to activate your gate, or use your own phone to call in or text commands from anywhere in the world. A smartphone app is also available giving you easy control with […]

Introducing RIDGE LT —Battery-Powered Wireless Access Control System

Introducing RIDGE LT —
Battery-Powered Wireless Access Control System

Ridge LT is an exterior grade wireless access control device that utilizes the transmitter output of many popular wireless transmitter/receiver systems. You simply install the unit at the location, pairing the included transmitter output to the receiver being used for the operation of the gate operator or other device. It works well with many popular […]

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