Ascent K2 SecurePass – Cellular Keypad with SecurePass Prox Card Reader

Model 25-K2SBI

A cellular keypad complete with Wiegand inputs and a mounting location for a proximity card reader.

We also offer the 25-K2 with an HID proximity card reader, a Secura Key proximity card reader, or with a card reader mount so you can add your own.

The Boost You Need

Spec Sheet: Ascent K2 (25-K2) – Cellular Keypad with Prox Card Reader Mount

Quick Start Guide: Ascent K2

Product Info

Our cellular keypads and card readers are backed by 4G LTE cellular technology and are powered by our simple, cloud-based Summit Control software platform.

When you need a cellular access control system with Wiegand inputs, a keypad, camera, proximity card reader, and more, Ascent K2 SecurePass has you covered. Control up to two access points and grant access via app, text, voice, keypad, proximity card, or Wiegand device!


  • 4G LTE cellular
  • High-definition Ascent Camera for still photos
  • Photo push notifications
  • 2 Wiegand inputs (1 used by included card reader)
  • Ascent Link integration
  • Control via 5 different control methods
  • Control up to 2 gates/doors
  • Cloud-based access control management
  • Up to 10,000 app, text, and voice users
  • Up to 1,000 keypad codes
  • Push and/or email event and status notifications
  • SBI SecurePass™ proximity card reader (works with HID, EM, MIFARE)

Versatile & Convenient
Control your gate from anywhere using a computer, tablet, or phone.

An Ascent with a View
Get visual ID on all visitors to your property with photo push notifications; get photos automatically or whenever you choose.

Just Swipe Your Card
Enjoy the added flexibility of a proximity card reader.

Keypad Convenience
Control up to two gates/doors with the onboard keypad, and easily add one additional Wiegand device to your system.

Powered by Summit Control­™

Unit includes a GSM SIM card ready for activation.

Two-Year Limited Warranty

Made in the USA from Global Materials

Other Great Features

  • 7-day timers
  • Holiday timers
  • Special-event timers
  • Temporary users with permission limits
  • Quick temporary user setup
  • Audit trail with detailed reports
  • “Do Not Disturb” mode
  • Stainless-steel faceplate
  • Powder-coated, galvanized steel enclosure
  • Backlit keypad

Always complete a site survey to make sure you have cellular coverage. Our cellular products run on the 4G LTE network.
This is a cellular accessory for a gate/door, so an uninterrupted cellular connection cannot be guaranteed.
An emergency egress or primary entry mechanism should always be used (transmitter, fire box, mechanical release).
Consult with your dealer, distributor, and/or system designer for more information.


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