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Important Information

Training and Support Material

Identification Guides

Cellular Telephone Entry Systems

Cellular Multi-Tenant Entry Systems

Cellular Door Controllers

Cellular Keypad and Card Reader Systems

Cellular Accessories

4G LTE Omni Antenna Extension Kit (16-ANTOMNI)

Wireless Access Control

Ridge Keypad / Ridge 2.0 (14-500)

Ridge Remote (14-R433)

Installation and Use

Ridge ResKey (14-RK10)

Installation and Use

Smart Keypads and Card Readers


XL 660 (S-XL-660) (Discontinued)

Card Readers

Standalone Mechanical Card Readers (11-024) (Discontinued)

Door Controllers

Intercom Stations

Telephone Entry Systems

Vehicle Detection

AutoSense Controller (50-D909LC)

Installation and Use

Marketing Materials

    Spec sheet coming soon


Remote 300 (14-R300)

Installation and Use

Receiver 300 (14-REC300)

Installation and Use

Antenna 300 (14-ANT300)

Installation and Use

Trickle Charger (56-TC38)

Installation and Use

Fire Access Boxes (15 Series - previously S-15)

Stronghold Mag Locks (57 Series - previously S-600MAG, S-1200MAG)

Wiegand Extender (21-002)


Gate Hardware

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